Zeiss Loxia 50mm f/2 Planar T* Lens Sony E Mount

Sony E Mount , Prime , Sony E Mount Full Frame , Sony E Mount Cameras Full Frame

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Precise manual focus

Manually focusing a lens means controlling the image result from your fingertips. A good ergonomic design makes all the difference. ZEISS lenses stand out with their large rotation angle which enables precise focusing. Changes are immediately visible in the viewfinder. The high-quality focusing mechanism moves smoothly without play, thus also supporting the intuitive interaction with the focal plane. The precise engraving in meter and feet, and the depth of focus scale provide additional support for manually focusing.

Virtually distortion-free optics

Dramatic perspectives and a view from extraordinary image angles – ZEISS lenses open up new composition possibilities. Distortion would disrupt the composition because straight lines, whose image does not go through the image center, would be reproduced with a curved shape. This annoying effect is accordingly and largely compensated through elaborate optical designs at all focal lengths.

Full frame compatible

ZEISS lenses are suitable for digital Sony Alpha cameras and have been optimized for film and sensors up to full 35 mm format (24 x 36 mm).

Lens Specs

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