Zacuto Z-Finder

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Please Note: This frame is not compatible with the 5D Mark III, 1DX, D800, D4, A 3x Z-finder packaged with a 3.2in frame here.

The Z-Finder is Zacuto’s Optical Viewfinder that allows DSLR cameras to have the correct form factor for video. It offers 3x focusable magnification, a 40mm diameter lens, an eyecup preventing extraneous light leakage, and a field of view perfectly matched to LCD screens. With Optics by Schneider, this 6 oz viewfinder is a filmmaker’s best tool for creating precision focus. The Z-finder currently fits the Canon 5d, Canon 7d, Nikon D90, Panasonic GF1, Panasonic GH1 (see note below), and many other cameras. The Z-finder is made to fit a 3” diagonal screen but other factors come into play such as button placement, slanting of the camera viewfinder etc. Please see below for interior dimensions of the Z-Finder.

The Z-Finder attaches to your camera LCD by using a flat snap fit frame. The snap fit frame attaches to your LCD screen with a double sided adhesive. The Z-finder snaps on and off to the flat frame very quickly. The Z-Finder also has optional rubber bands, Z-Bands, to hold the Z-finder in place. The Z-Bands are just a security measure to hold the Z-Finder in place in case of accidental bumping. The Z-bands are an option and can be added below. The Z-Bands cannot be used without the snap fit frame!

We also added a lanyard hook on the outside of the Z-Finder so you can attach a Zacuto lanyard to your Z-Finder. This allows for the user to quickly take the Z-finder off and on when needed. The lanyard hook and lanyard is included with the Z-Finder.

Z-Finder Features:
3x magnification
Range of 3 diopters
Allows DSLR cameras to have correct form factor for video
Field of view perfectly matched to LCD screen size
No light-leak eyecup
40mm diameter lens for excellent light throughput
Weight: 6 oz.
Outer dimensions of snap fit frame: 71mm wide x 56mm tall
Inner dimensions of snap fit frame: 62mm wide x 46.7mm tall

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