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Zacuto Filmaker Kit

Pro HD Video , DSLR , Shoulder Mount , Handheld

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The Filmmaker Kit is specifically designed for the Sony FS100, however it can be used with other video cameras similar to the FS100. The base of this kit is our trusty Universal Baseplate and Z-spacer. The Z-spacer raises the camera to get the lens at the correct height for use with a matte box. The Z-spacer is not necessary with other cameras like the Sony F3 and AF100, and isn’t needed if you are not using a matte box with your FS100.

The FS100 Filmmaker kit is a in-line shoulder mounted kit that will allow you to use the Zacuto EVF (not included) off the side with our EVF Rod Mount, like a traditional camera package. It includes our Shoulder Pad, Zgrips V3 and Zwiss plate for mounting professional batteries and the AJA Ki Pro mini. The Zwiss plate with professional batteries will also act as a counter balance weight when shooting handheld.

This kit also includes our Z-Focus follow focus and a set of lens gears to allow you to pull accurate focus. We also included the ¼ 20” Lens Support.

This is the perfect all in kit for FS100 owners. No worries if you have another camera, you can still use this kit, just take off the Z-Spacer and you are good to go.

FS100 Filmmaker Kit Includes:
Universal Baseplate w/ 12" Rods
Shoulder Pad
10" M/F Rods
Zwiss Plate
Zgrips V3
Adjustable Lens Gear
EVF Rod Mount
1/4 20" Lens Support


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