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zacuto crossfire dslr

Zacuto Cross Fire Kit

DSLR , Tripod Mount , Handheld

CODE: SK3239683

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The Cross Fire is a unique kit  The Cross Fire uses the expandable DSLR baseplate and is a full shoulder mounted system

 This kit works on any DSLR camera with or without battery grips as it is infinitely adjustable in height.

The baseplate attaches to your tripod plate using the standard tripod plate screws, (2) ¼ 20” and (1) 3/8 16”. Your camera can also be quickly released from the rig by turning the red knob then pulling up on your camera. The camera quick release plate stays mounted to your camera so you can quickly switch between using the camera as part of a rig or on its own,

 The follow focus slides on to the rods and the follow focus gear makes contact with the Zipgear allowing you to pull focus

Cross Fire Instructions


Zgrip Z-Mount Zwivel
DSLR Baseplate
(1) 4.5" F/F Rod
(1) 4.5" M/F Rod
1 Adjustable Lens Gear
Z-Mount II
Gunstock with 6.5" rod


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