Willy's Widgets 32 WHEEL CHANNEL complete

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Willy's Widgets 32 WHEEL CHANNEL DOLLY complete

By placing a Matthew's dolly Fisher, Panther,or Chapman into the 32 Wheel Channel, the weight is evenly distributed over 32 wheels, eliminating the jiggle of bumps and gaps in the track. It also allows dollies to be run on round track without adapter wheels. This 32 wheel channel dolly can be run on straight track. This is shipped in two cartons. That is the reason for a handling charge. It will take you about ten minutes to put the wheel units onto the channels,


 Fits 8-12” crab dolly wheels as well as film & video doorway dollies. These make great smooth Camera Wheels.

Whats in the box:
4 Eight Wheel units and Instructions and special wrench, Hardware for mounting, Reducer blocks, 2 Channel units