Westcott Flex Daylight LED Matt 10"x10"

LED Mat , AC/Battery , 5500K, 10"x10"

$45.00 $45.00 $135.00

  • Flexible 50W LED
  • 5600°K with a 95 CRI
  • 2100 lux @ 1m output
  • Lightweight design
  • Water-resistant
  • Dimmable from 5% to 100%
  • Moldable frame
  • For filmmaking and photography

Featuring a flexible construction, the Westcott Flex™ LED is the dream technology for filmmakers and photographers. The Flex™ is constructed with a moldable frame that is a mere ¼” thick. Acting as both a modifier and a light source in one, this compact unit can be bent to shape output in anyway imaginable.

Weighing under 7 ounces, this 10” x 10” LED mat can be mounted in any space imaginable, concealing its location in the studio and on-set. For even more versatility, each Flex LED mat is rainproof with an IP 64 rating, giving you the ability to shoot on-location in the rain, near pools, or on ultra-humid days without worry.

Despite its compact form, the Flex boasts an impressive amount of output with minimal draw. Drawing only 55 watts of power, the 10” x 10” Daylight Flex outputs an impressive 2100 lux at 1 meter. This output is not only powerful, but near perfect with a 5600K color temperature and a high 95 CRI. This ensures that skin tones and colors will be true-to-life in your images for less post-production editing. This high-quality output is dimmable from 5% to 100% for precise control with the included dimmer.


Lighting Specs

Dimensions and Weight

5.29 oz (150 g)