Variac Dimmer 1k

Variac Dimmer 1K

CODE: SK16304865

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Variable AC Power Supply (TDGC-1KVA Metered Variac)

This device can output 0-130 VAC at up to 10 amps.

Product Specifications: 

1000VA Variable Voltage Regulator (Variac)

Input Voltage: 110VAC, 60Hz

Output Voltage: 0-130VAC

Input /output Connector: 1 prong plugs

Power Cord: about 5'

Analog Output Power Meter on up right side

On/Off Power Switch(Lighted)

Dimensions: H: 9 " W: 7" D: 7"
Weight: about 18lbs.

Dimensions and Weight

about 18lbs.

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