Sony NPA-MQZK Multi Battery Adapter And AC Power Adapter

CODE: SK57140413

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Extended Shooting 

This battery adapter can load four NP-FZ100 Z-series batteries and supports extended shooting.

AC Adapter 

This Multi Battery Adapter Kit can connect and supply electric power to a camera that uses either an NP-FZ100 Z-series or NP-FW50 W-series battery. 

By removing the cover for Z-series battery, the power plate fits cameras compatible with W-series battery.

Fast Charger

This battery adapter can quickly charge up to four NP-FZ100 Z-series batteries via AC adapter within about 480 minutes Power charge condition is indicated in a 3-level LED when the “remaining battery power” check button is pressed.


Camera/USB selector enables switching between DC OUT destinations to let you choose to supply electrical power to either the camera body or other electronic devices connected via USB ports.