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SmallHD 702 Lite 7" SDI and HDMI On Camera Monitor Kit

On Camera Monitor , 7" , Sony NP-F970 Battery Lithium, 1280 x 800 (1280x720 Active), Camera Top or Stand Mount , HDMI , SDI, SDI, HDMI

CODE: SK21383636

$55.00 $55.00 $165.00


Premium display quality and image analysis with SDI/HDMI Cross Conversion

With a crisp HD display and the world's most customize-able Focus Assist and Peaking software, the 702 Lite makes it easy to pull focus.
Joystick Zoom is incredibly handy, Allowing the user to smoothly zoom/pan around the details of an image without leaving fingerprints on the display.

Whether you prefer Waveform, False Color, or Zebra, the 702 Lite has a uniquely customizable tool set to help you properly
expose your shot. Through the use of Pages, you can organize and optimize your monitoring workflow for speed and agility.

Most large-scale productions have a crew dedicated to producing and distributing live color grades on set.
The 702 Lite brings the benefits of post production LUT preview to an affordable, 7-inch on-camera monitor.


Monitor Specs


Dimensions and Weight

11oz (311.84g)
(W x H x D) 4.23" (10.74cm) X 7.56" (19.20cm)

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