Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun Mic Kit

CODE: SK1285467

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General Description

The ME 66 is a shot gun microphone capsule designed for use with the K6 and K6P powering modules. It is especially suitable for reporting, film and broadcast location applications and for picking up quiet signals in noisy or acoustically live environments. Matte black, anodized, scratch-resistant finish.

  • Super-cardioid/lobar pick-up pattern
  • Highly directional
  • Low inherent self-noise
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide frequency response


  • 1x ME66 Microphone
  • 1x On Camera Shock Mount
  • 1x XLR -XLR Mini
  • 1x XLR -XLR  
  • 1X Windscreen



Dimensions and Weight

2.32 oz. (65 g)
(W x H x D) 8.7 x .885" (221 x 22.5mm) LxDiameter