Redrock micro MatteBox Deluxe Bundle

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The Redrock Micro microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle is a universal matte box system that accommodates any lens--whether camcorder, film camera, DSLR or 35mm lens adapter. With its convenient swing-away design, this cinema-grade lens attachment allows the use of 4x4" and 4x5.65" professional filters that can rotate 360° or be easily swapped out for different looks. Light spillage and lens flare are controlled by a top/bottom French flag and a pair of side wings that, like everything else on the microMatteBox, can be easily locked, adjusted or simply removed.

Configurability is key, and not only of filters, flags, and side wings: optional Redrock accessories include the 15mm microSupport system as well as additional filter stages. And since the microMatteBox uses industry standard support and filter sizes, it's completely compatible with existing 15mm and 19mm rod/rail systems. With its high-quality design and affordability, the microMatteBox system is built for productions small, large, or anywhere in between.

Note! The microMatteBox does not come with support rods or baseplate, which are available separately.

• Universal matte box: works with video cameras, 35mm lens adapters, and motion picture film cameras
• Wide-screen format shade
• Flattened shade design for wide angle lenses
• Interchangeable mattes
• Swing-away design--a first for this price range
• Industry standard rod support: 15mm lightweight, or combination 19mm/15mm studio offset rod support arms (optional)
• Separate locking knobs for filter position and filter rotation
• Metal filter trays with spring-loaded filter locks
• All filter stages rotate 360° and support up to 5.65" square filter trays
• Dual purpose filter tray for 4x4" and 4x5.65" filters. Additional tray options will be available to support up to 5.65" square filters
• Unique stackable stage design: add or remove stages to exactly meet your configuration needs
• All metal construction (lens shade and lens adapter high impact ABS)
• Adaptable to various lens sizes (lens opening with lens connector: 140mm, without: 155mm)
• Compatible with Arri filter trays and Arri bellows (with optional Arri bellows adapter)
  • RedRock Micro
  • Redrock micro shoulder Rig for the Canon EOS 5D mark II and Canon EOS 7D

Matte Box Specs

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