Nikon 58mm f/1.4G AF-S Lens

Nikon , Prime , Nikon AF , 1.9 ft. (0.58 m), 72mm, Any Nikon Mount Camera

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  • Nikon  58mm f/1.4 lens that excels in low-light and nighttime applications but also offers exciting capabilities for everyday photography and HD video recording.
  • Virtually no sagittal coma flare or light falloff throughout the entire aperture range—even at the far edges of the frame—for exceptionally sharp, evenly lit, high-contrast shots.
  • Maintain fast aperture settings even when shooting distant subjects like cityscapes and landscapes to infinity.
  • 9 rounded-blade aperture for outstanding bokeh characteristics and enhanced depth of field control.

Lens Specs

Dimensions and Weight

13.6 oz. (385 g)

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