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 Canon EOS 1DX Review by CSI Rentals Pro Camera Tech David Adler


Finally, after an extremely delayed release from February to July 2012, the Canon 1DX has arrived in the hands of many waiting customers. This camera firmly nestles itself in the family tree of the previous generations of 1D cameras, right in between the 1Dmk4 and 1DSmk3. The 1DX seems to be more similar to the 1Dmk4 based on its qualities. It’s as if Canon took the 1Dmk4 and gave it a full frame sensor (up from APS-H), more resolution (18.1 megapixels up from 16.1), and new processors (two digic 5 and one digic 4 up from just two digic 4) for faster frame rates, better metering and overall better image quality at all sensitivities.
          In terms of feel, this camera cannot be beat. It is probably the most solid feeling and performing DSLR camera to date that I have tried. While its durable construction may bump up its weight, that weight makes the camera easier to steady when using handheld (providing your lens is decently handhold-able) and provides a great feeling of security. This camera will definitely stand up to more than a few knocks and drops in its lifetime making it perfect for doing anything you can to get your perfect shot. The 1DX is also weather sealed (provided that your lens is sealed as well) and in that respect it delivers in spades. Many of the buttons and dials are sealed with rubber rings, not only improving the seal but giving them an excellent feel when pressed.
          It is easy to tell that Canon went all out with the design of this camera from the fact that there are two full sized Compact Flash card slots inside to make it far easier on the photographer to use established, professional media for redundancy without concern for investing in new, expensive, or less robust memory.
          This camera can be used for any kind of professional photography be it great looking portraits in the studio, or detailed wide landscapes in the field. The in camera metering is superb for grabbing shots on the fly, perfectly exposing shots with a high contrast so that maximum detail is retained in the shadows and highlights.
          Autofocusing on this camera was excellent with Canon’s EF glass. I had very few missed shots among the many that I took. And the speed of the focusing is second to none in the current market of DSLR cameras. Even when shooting at the full burst rate of 12 frames every second autofocus was retained and as accurate as ever. Color rendition in the typical Canon fashion was warm and punchy even when using the neutral picture style for JPEG’s.
          Cameras have vastly improved in their ability to photograph in low light. Even consumer cameras have better resolution at high sensitivities thanks to new sensor technology and larger sensors. However, the higher end cameras have evolved as well and the 1DX has become an absolute wonder in low light with its outstanding performance at astronomically high ISO values around 51,200. So if you need to keep up your shutter speed to capture the action, higher ISO speeds are not out of the question even when high quality is needed. This is especially great when using slower lenses or when photographing for sports or journalism.
          While obviously taking a back seat to the photography aspect of the camera, the video features are plentiful with the addition of some new professional options. First and foremost, the ability to run timecode and sync with other pro camcorders or pro audio devices. Secondly there are visible audio meters in live view that are viewable while recording as well. Audio levels and other settings can also be adjusted silently while recording using the new touch pad inside the rear scroll dial. All these features have been inherited by the 5Dmk3 which, while announced later was released earlier. One thing that I and some other reviewers noticed about the video is that it is sharper than any Canon DSLR to date (the 1DC has not been released at time of writing) and can even compare to some discrete camcorders in terms of video quality. One big plus however, is that this camera can take advantage of its super high ISO stills capabilities in video. I bumped the ISO to 6400 and above and I was still met with a usable image. The image was grainy, but not overly ugly like some other cameras would have rendered those sensitivity levels. One caveat though, there is no headphone jack like on the 5Dmk3. But for those of us who have shot with any of the earlier DSLRs there are always workarounds.
          As I have stated before, this is a beast of a camera in every aspect. It feels and performs like a high end professional camera should (and takes the inevitable beating that a high end professional camera will without breaking a sweat). Overall, this camera exceeded my expectations in terms of usability and you really have to try it to believe it. Come in to our Manhattan storefront for any questions or reservations. Or alternatively, reserve it online at or by phone at 212-243-7368 (RENT).

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