Matthews Slider Stand

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The Slider Stand meets the demand for a strong, wide-based stand with a low working height for those using camera sliders and Speed Rail/Pipe Dolly Systems. Baby Ballhead Adapter, Magic Finger and Stand/Spud Adapter sold separately.

The Slider Stand comes standard with two rocky mountain legs for easy leveling on hills, mountainsides, rocky environments, stairs and most other uneven terrain. As a comparison, the Slider Stand minimum working height measures one foot (30cm) lower than the standard low boy combo, giving the camera operator a POV range from hip to eye level.

  • Collapsed Height: 25" (64cm)
  • Junior (1-1/8") Receiver
  • Military Black Chrome Plated
  • Anodized Aerospace Inspired Designed Braces
  • Double Rocky Mountain Legs

Multiple Slider stands may be required depending on the length and the weight of your slider/camera package. Stand Adapter converts the top of the stand to a 5/8" baby pin.


Dimensions and Weight


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