​The Brauer car mount

Matthews Car Mount Brauer Hostess Tray Kit

CODE: SK18879389

$75.00 $75.00 $225.00


Brauer Hostess Tray allows for profile hostess tray shots with independent window movement. 

It will adjust for the window up and down during the take. Additionally, the door can be opened or closed without restrictions. Imagine the time and money saved per shoot where you can provide freedom for your talent without requiring your Grip to constantly setup and tear down the car mount.

The 10"x14" aluminum cheese plate slips between the window and door of nearly any vehicle and securely ties to the side of the car with vacuum cups, 5/8" Rods, grip heads and quick struts. In addition, the door can be opened and closed without restrictions, a real convenience for your talent. If you have any mechanical aptitude at all

KIT Components

(1) Brauer Hostess Tray, (2) 5/8" Pins w/nuts and washers, (6) Ricky Rods, (2) 2.5" Quick Heads, (2) Quick Struts, (2) Grip Heads


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