Whether you are shooting photo or video, Choosing your lighting at CSI Rentals is easy as our large variety of photo and video lighting are all listed with detailed descriptions specs and features with all their accessories listed with each light to easily choose light modifiers to control your lighting and flattering shadows. Rent at CSI Rentals NYC Studio or Location lights the latest LED lights, Strobe, Tungsten, and HMI.  

  $275.00 $275.00 $825.00
Arri Skypanel LED S60C

CODE: SK20713058


Arri Sky panel LED S60C 

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  $225.00 $225.00 $675.00
Arri Skypanel LED S30C

CODE: SK26422048


Arri Skypanel S30C LED Bi color

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  $299.00 $299.00 $897.00

Color Temperature from 2,800-10,000K

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