LEDGO VersaTile Bi-Color LED Mat, Single Light Kit

LED Mat , AC/Battery , 3200k-5600k, 9″ x 16″

CODE: SK23136195

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The LEDGO VersaTile is a lightweight, low-profile LED mat that combines ultra soft light, incredible color accuracy, and portability. The super-thin VersaTile allows photographers and videographers to quickly and easily transport, set up, and use their lights, even in tight quarters. The flexible design of the VersaTile lets users roll their light and fit it into tight areas where conventional lights can’t fit. This special combination of features make this light a truly VersaTile lighting solution.

This Single-Light kit is a great solution for photographers or videographers looking for a quick, lightweight and low-profile, single-light setup.

Soft, Even Light

Traditional LED’s create hotspots on your talent and can be painful to look at at short distances. The LEDGO VersaTile uses specialized LED’s in order to create a soft, even flood of light on your subject that isn’t hard on their eyes.

Accurate Color

All LEDGO products have a minimum 95 CRI with negligible ∆UV (green/magenta) color shift, meaning accurate, vibrant colors and less time spent in post-production.

Variable Color Temperature and Brightness

The ability to change the brightness and color temperature of the VersaTile allows you to seamlessly blend your light with the ambient light, eliminating the need for additional diffusion or color correction gels. The VersaTile can be adjusted anywhere between 3200K and 5600K.


Low-cost LED’s will sometimes flicker when used at low power. All LEDGO lights are flicker tested to over 40,000 framers per second. This allows cinematographers to use HD, 4K, 8K, or slow-motion cameras when using these lights.

9×16 Aspect Ratio

The VersaTile was specially designed with 4K cameras in mind. The 9×16 aspect ratio of the VersaTile mat is the same aspect ratio as used by 4K camera sensors. By matching the aspect ratio of these sensors, the VersaTile creates an even light across the entire frame; especially when used in close proximity to the subject.

Collapsible Frame

The VersaTile includes a lightweight aluminum frame that quickly and easily sets up and breaks down for convenient transportation and storage. The VersaTile mats adhere to a black cloth backing that fits securely to the aluminum frame. The integrated stand mount allows the VersaTile to move a full 360˚ and lock down to hold the position.

Included “Stay Taut” Diffuser

The included diffuser uses a combination of elastic and Velcro straps to remain tight across the VersaTile frame. Staying taut on the frame helps to soften the light and reduce specularity. A loose diffuser that comes in contact with the LED chips can lead to increased specularity and hotspots. The VersaTile diffuser eliminates that worry by letting the user tighten and re-tighten the diffuser as needed.

AC or DC Powered

Each VersaTile includes a multi-voltage AC power pack, meaning users can plug in their light anywhere in the world. The included control box also features an integrated Sony V-Lock battery mount, allowing the VersaTile to be used on location where AC plugs are not readily available.

LEDGO optimized the VersaTile to run on the widely-used V-Lock battery rather than forcing users to purchase a proprietary battery. As many videographers rely on the V-Lock battery to power their cameras, the VersaTile fits seamlessly into any cinematographer’s gear bag.

Lighting Specs

Dimensions and Weight

(W x H x D) 9″ x 16″