Kessler Elektra Drive Motor Bundle Package with Oracle Controller

CODE: X030942

$100.00 $100.00 $300.00


Quick Start (Oracle)    Instruction Manual (Oracle)

The ORACLE Control System is the core of the elektraDRIVE line of products.

The ORACLE Control System is interchangeable between multiple products, like our REVOLUTION Pan / Tilt System, elektraDRIVE motor pods for the CineSlider & Pocket Dolly, and other products to be released in the future.

Items included in bundle:
  1. Oracle Controller
  2. Motor Mount
  3. ElektraDRIVE Motor Pod
  4. 12v DC Power Adapter
Technical Specs
  • Approximate Dynamic Range below, for continuous live movement at the lowest and highest motor speed settings. In Timelapse mode, the motors are stepped, to slow them down to where they could take years, using the pulse method.

  • Pocket Dolly - 1 min 4 sec/ft (slow) 1.6 sec/ft (fast)
  • CineSlider - 56 sec/ft (slow) & 0.83 sec/ft (fast)