Photogenic ION Pure Sine Wave Inverter Kit

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 120V pure sine wave inverter

• Replaceable 8.8Ah Lithium-ion battery

• Dual 3-prong outlets

• LED battery level indicators

• .5 USB standard charging port

• Lightweight

The Photogenic lithium-ion battery powered ION pure sine wave inverter takes your studio flash units on location the easy way. 

The ION is a powerful, lightweight, get outta town AC power supply that features two AC outlets for two monolights.

Weighing in at only 3.5 lbs with a compact 7.5” x 4.4” x 3.3” profile, ION is the perfect lighting travel companion. 

Pack the ION and a couple of extra batteries with your lights and head out to your next shoot. It doesn’t matter if your destination is the top of Mount Everest, the middle of the Kalahari or your sister in-law’s wedding, this powerful combination will give you over 3,500 flashes (about 1200 per battery) at an amazing 320 watt seconds. While on your way to the next job, use ION’s built-in USB port to power-up your phone or other electronic devices. 

Charge time to 100% for the lithium-ion battery is 3-4 hours. A glance at the LED battery meter on ION’s control panel verifies the battery power level.

ION comes complete with inverter, lithium-ion battery, charger, carry strap and adjustable multi-clamp. An optional case, spare batteries and chargers are also available.


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