hensel freemask studio lighting kit

Hensel Integra Pro Plus Freemask 3 Light Kit

Strobe (Flash), 500, AC 110V USA , Radio Remote

CODE: SK11502771

$69.00 $69.00 $207.00


The Hensel Integra 500 Plus Freemask 2 Light Kit 

provides the control and power most photographers require, whether it's commercial, portrait, wedding, or industrial photography.

The kit is built around 2 Integra Plus 500W/s multi-voltage monolights, which can work anywhere in the world there's electricity, by simply swapping out the modeling lights and plug adapters.

This model offers a six f/stop Range, down to 1/32 power, which makes it perfect for photographers using digital cameras. It also features a built-in, 4-channel Hensel radio slave receiver, compatible with the Hensel Radio Slave Trigger, which is available separately.

This head includes Freemask technology which is used like chroma keying to composite images. Used with the required, optional Freemask transmitter, the head automatically varies the flash output in sequential exposures to create a mask.

Lighting Specs

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