Inline Quick Dimmer 2k

CODE: SK3780410

$20.00 $20.00 $60.00


Compact, reliable, and quiet, these units are head and shoulders above dimmers of comparable price. A great little dimmer designed especially for use in situations where you need a few dimmers in a lighting grid or display without using a dimmer rack, bulky rheostat, or other clumsy solution. There is no minimum load necessary for proper operation. The unit has rails to help protect controls and for hanging from light stands, lighting grid, etc., graduated output level control, ground integrity indicator, u-ground ac connectors, lighted (output indicating) on/off switch and BLF 20 amp fuse. Triple Quick has 3 of everything with single ground indicator. 8/3 wire lead option (instead of u-ground connectors) available extending peak load limit. Size appx. 2x3.5x4". Bates, or other connectors added at additional cost.

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