ikan VK7i 7" HDMI Monitor

Field Monitor , 7" , Canon LPE6 Battery , 1280 x 800, Camera Top or Stand Mount , HDMI , HDMI , RJ-45 for Tally connection

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The VK7i employs an HD IPS (In-plane Switching) LCD panel, giving the monitor 1280 x 800 resolution, wider viewing angles and exceptional color rendition. An upgraded feature set includes on-screen tally and HDMI loop-through, plus the original VK7 features such as; RGB adjust, Peaking, False Color, DSLR Scaling and Clip Guides. 

  • 280 x 800 IPS LCD Panel
  • HDMI, Component, and Composite I/O
  • RGB Adjust, Peaking, False color, and Clip Guides
  • Tally system DSLR scaling

Monitor Specs

Dimensions and Weight

1.1 lb