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Rental Requirements
What do you need to supply in order to rent at CSI Rentals
Does CSI Rentals accept Debit Cards
Does CSI Rentals hold a security deposit
What if the card member cannot make it in person?
What are the Insurance certificate requirements
Does CSI accept cash
Why does CSI Require personal Identity info
Is my personal information secure
Our policy for visitors from outside the US
Ordering Process
How do I place My Rental Order
How does the CSI Rentals online reservation system work
How far in advance should I reserve my equipment
Does CSI Ship Rentals
What if an Item I reserved online is not available for my rental period
Can I Edit my online order items or schedule
How Can I Simply Reorder the same or similar Items from a previous order
How can I get a Quote
When is payment due
Can I cancel my online order
Does CSI Ship Rental Orders