Hensel monolight 1000

Hensel Integra Pro Plus 1000ws Monolight

Strobe (Flash), 1000, AC 110/220


$35.00 $35.00 $105.00


The Hensel Integra Pro 1000 monolight

Provides the control and power most photographers require, whether it's commercial, portrait, wedding or industrial photography.

The Integra Pro is a multi-voltage monolight, which makes it useful worldwide, with a simple changing of the modeling light and plug adapter 

This Integra model offers a 6 f/stop range, down to 1/32 power, in 0.1 stop increments, which makes it perfect for photographers using digital cameras.

Six F-Stop Range - Adjustable in 0.1 stop clicks, on the illuminated front panel, from full to 1/32 power output.
300 Watt Modeling Light

Lighting Specs