Ikan Helia 40W Bi-Color Fresnel LED 3 Light Kit

LED , AC/Battery , Bi Color 2700-5600, 4" Fresnel

CODE: SK18476705

$99.95 $99.95 $299.85



  • Bi-Color Light adjustable from 2700K-5600K
  • 4" Fresnel with flood to spot
  • High CRI and TLCI
  • Can be powered by Pro V-Mount Battery
  • Flicker feature allows slow to fast strobe
  • Large digital readout for easy adjustment
  • Barn Doors Included
  • Inlcudes Hard Case with Wheels

The Helia Bi-Color LED lights offer the flexibility of color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 5600K for any shooting situation. 

The 4-inch Fresnel lenses can focus from a 60-degree flood to a 15-degree spot. With a high CRI and TLCI, the Helias give shooters all the color they’re looking for and more. A large digital display allows you to move through the menus and tweak settings with ease. 

The flicker feature can be tuned to any frequency. HF40 lights can be powered with a pro battery and come with V-mount battery plates and DC cables. They also come with barn doors and AC power cables. A heavy-duty case and sturdy stands allow for quick setups wherever you choose to shoot.


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