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Fotodiox Pro LED Ring Light

CODE: SK5935111

$35.00 $35.00 $105.00



Ring lights are useful for fill lights, eye lights and special effect lighting.They are popular in music videos and fashion photography.

The Ceres LED Ring Light is small and packs easily into most kits. The LED lights give off no heat which makes it easy to use up close to your talent.

Long working life Energy saving, non-heat Light weighted, portable Stable 5600K daylight color temperature Add life and sparkle to eyes

Dimmable range 10%-100%

Outer circle: 20cm in diameter

Inner circle: 10.50cm in diameter

Head weight 0.68kgs/1.5lbs

Voltage:  352 x 0.06w LED Lights = 21 watts 12VDC,100-240V AC adapter

Color temperature: 5600K LED beam angle 60 degrees CRI-color rendering index 82 Illuminance 1710 lux/ 61 cm

Package Includes: LED 352 Dimmable Ringlight, 5600k Color Temperature Power Supply 110-240v AC Adapter Camera Mounting Bracket with Tripod Mount

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