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dynalite 1000 2 head kit

Dynalite 1000 w/s 2 head Kit

Strobe (Flash), 1000, AC 110V USA , 3

CODE: SK1686278


Condition rating: 9


Dynalite Road Series RP1000 1000 Watt/Second Power Pack

This compact power pack is lightweight and powerful.

Power may be adjusted asymmetrically in 1/3 power increments between the 3 head outlets with the rocker switches and across the board with the two-stop dial variator.

The RP1000 has a three-way switch for controlling the modeling light -- on full, on in proportion to power, and off. The head outlets are arc-proof -- unplug the heads at will without having to shut down the power pack.

The RP1000 has a built-in optical and infra red slave. If this pack is used with other strobes, it "sees" the light and fires instantaneously without having to be hard-wired.


Exposure and Color Consistency

Varies ~0.1 stop from shot to shot
Color temperature varies ±80°K over the exposure range -- not visible to the human eye
Compact Design
Measuring only 5.8 x 6.8 x 6.75" and weighing only 5.9 lbs, the RP1000 is extremely portable.
Fast Recycling
At full power, this pack recycles in 1.4 seconds
Fast Flash Duration
At full power, duration of the flash is 1/600 second.
At minimum power, it fires a flash at 1/4200 second.
Variator Control
Basic power settings in 2/10 f/stop increments - When used with the power control switches, up to 18 different settings with a single flash head are possible.
Audible Beep
Switchable acoustic signal "beeps" when unit is fully recycled

Lighting Specs

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