Dromos Hi Hat Bowl Riser

Video / Cinema , Hi Hat , DSLR , Canon Cinema , Red Scarlet , Pro Video , Prosumer Video , Bowl 100mm

CODE: SK7163846

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Dromos works as a hi hat for your camera or tripod head, allowing you to level and articulate in any position.

Setup can be as simple as placing Dromos on the ground using the Dromos Hi Hat Board. You can also achieve that ultra low shot by attaching it to a tripod, jib, dolly or slider via the cheese plate - which provides both 3/8" and 1/4" holes.

Dromos is made from cnc machined solid aluminum, making it extremely durable.


  • Level your camera in any position.
  • The cheese plate construction allows you to securely mount your camera anywhere.
  • Versatile hi hat achieves ultra low shots with maximum control and stability.
  • Strong enough to mount camera rigs 90 degrees (portrait mode).
  • Accepts 100mm ball natively and 75mm with adapter.
  • Delivers countless accessory mounting options.
  • Built-in 100mm bowl.

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