Dedolight Tungsten 150 Watt 4 Light Kit

CODE: SK17178804

$120.00 $120.00 $360.00

  • ·         Ultra compact size
  • ·         Light output equal to much larger sources
  • ·         Precision lighting with uncanny beam and stray light control
  • ·         Extraordinarily even light distribution
  • ·         Excellent reach
  • ·         Precise color temperature control
  • ·         Variety of projection attachments and accessories
  • ·         Versatile mounting accessories
  • ·         Variety of power options
  • ·         Very low projected heat
  • ·         Rugged construction.


The Dedolight continues to build upon its long list of credits in film, television and still photography and continues to build upon its extensive range of luminaires and system accessories. The unique control capabilities of Dedolight, along with its low projected heat and minimal current draw, also make the Dedolight the ideal choice to light the world's finest galleries, museums, and architectural sites