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Cinevate Pegasus Table Dolly with Bowl, Ball, Articulating Links


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The Pegasus Carbon based Linear Tracking system is a truly revolutionary camera slider system. Designed for loads under 15lbs, the parts can be re-tasked as a super compact table dolly, overhead tracking system, cable system, and the conventional linear sliding system.

Using 100% steel ball bearings, the system uses our 100cm (39in) 15mm carbon rails, mounted in a tool-free system that offers amazing flexibility, strength and compactness for travel. The entire system is under 5lbs and can be disassembled for travel in about 60 seconds with no tools.

When ordering , you'll have an option to choose either the standard Proteus Quick Release Base Plate with standard 1/4-20 camera thread, or our 100mm bowl to equip the unit. Please note that the Pegasus does not include the 100mm ball, in case you prefer to work with your own. The Cinevate 100mm ball can be added as a separate item.

We include 8 "rubber tires" so you can convert the system to table dolly mode with no about 60 seconds. Order the steel cable wheels and convert the same system (takes about 3 minutes) over for use on overhead cables.

The Pegasus Carbon DSLR Slider carries a maximum weight of approximately 15 lbs. (7kg).

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Pegasus Carbon, DSLR Camera Slider

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