Cinevate Atlas 200 Camera Slider 60"

Cinevate Atlas 200 Camera Slider 60"

60, 200, 100mm Bowl, DSLR Cameras, Canon Cinema , Sony F5, Black Magic Cinema , Professional HD Camcorders, Prosumer Video Camcorders

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The Atlas 200 Camera Slider is designed for ultra-smooth movements with rigs up to 200 lbs. The Atlas 200 is built like a tank, maintaining its smoothness even after hours of field use (and abuse). The Atlas 200 uses a highly refined steel ball bearing system and is easily broken down for transport. , 48" (112  60" (152 cm), the slider weighs 35 lbs (16 kg) at its shortest and 42 lbs (19.3 kg) at its longest.

Users can mount the slider on a pair of tripods via the included tripod adapter plates (featuring 1/4-20" and 3/8" threads) or to light stands or c-stands via the built in 5/8" hole.

Camera Support Specs

100mm Bowl