cinevate slider atlas 10

Cinevate Atlas 10 DSLR Camera Slider

35", 25, Flat, DSLR Cameras, Canon Cinema , Black Magic Cinema , Prosumer Video Camcorders

CODE: SK4696092

$35.00 $35.00 $105.00


Atlas 10, a full ball bearing linear tracking system that features the uber-cool all terrain foot system, no less than 7 tripod mount plate locations, micro-adjust non-marking feet, vertical operation and yes, even vertical counter-balanced operation. With a non-reflective, black satin anodized finish, full CNC aluminum/steel construction, and stainless steel fasteners, you can expect a lifetime of reliable operation.

The Atlas 10 carries a maximum weight of approximately 40 lbs. (18kg).


Introducing Atlas 10

Camera Support Specs