Canon Compact-Servo Cine Zoom Lens CN-E 70-200mm T4.4 (EF Mount)

Canon EF , Cinema Zoom , Compact Servo, 1.2m (4.0 ft.), 77mm, Any Canon EF Mount Cameras

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Different aspects of lens performance are emphasized when shooting video as opposed to still images. A zoom range through commonly used focal lengths, high level 4K optical performance and a smooth aperture iris designed for motion picture capture all demonstrate the COMPACT-SERVO 70–200mm T4.4 EF lens's optimization for video.

Telephoto Zoom that Covers the Commonly-Used Focal Length of 70mm–200mm
A telephoto zoom can be useful in narrative or documentary video production for capturing medium to tight fields of view. The 70–200mm T4.4 EF lens is also compatible with Canon's EF 1.4x III and EF 2x III Extenders.

Parfocal Operation – Precise Focus Through the Entire Zoom Range
The 70–200mm T4.4 EF lens is parfocal in both manual and auto focus modes. The lens employs a special compensating lens group that moves to maintain precise focus while a separate lens group performs the zooming action. Maintaining focus while changing focal length allows the lens to be used in video production where zooming while recording is required.

Consistent Brightness Throughout the Entire Zoom Range
The 70–200mm T4.4 EF lens maintains a wide aperture of T4.4 (F4.0) throughout their zoom range. This allows zooming while at maximum aperture without any dimming of the image.

High Level 4K Optical Performance
The 4K optical performance of the 70–200mm T4.4 EF lens produces a significantly sharper image than 2K/HD. The various advanced design strategies used help to ensure over 4K resolution at picture center and a careful control of falloff of image sharpness at picture extremities.

The excellent contrast range associated with High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging helps ensure both deep black reproduction and the excellent handling of scene specular highlights. HDR image capture significantly enhances both the contrast and the richness of colors in a scene, but it also poses a potential challenge in exacerbating the visibility of any lens chromatic aberrations. The 70–200mm T4.4 EF lens was designed to help minimize such aberrations.

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