Bartech Wireless Focus Device + Palomar Motor Kit

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Bartech Focus Device - Focus Style

Bartech Features:

900 MHz Data Transmission 8 Selectable Sub-channels - Rotary Style Control - Modules That Lock Together For Multichannel Operation - Interchangeable 1 Channel Receiver/Amplifier Modules each with Remote Camera Run Outputs - 10-bit Resolution with All - 10-bits Always Available (A First!) - Fast Simple One-Pass - Manual Lens Calibration - Control Modules Powered by an Inexpensive 9V Battery - Direct Potentiometer Input to Receiver/Amp for Servo-type Operation or Direct Connect Transmitter to Receiver (hard wire)

 Transmitter Specifications:
Dimensions/Weight: approx. 7" x 3½" x 1½"/1½ lbs.
Power Consumption: 30 mA @ 7 to 15 VDC (9 mA in low power mode)
RF Transmission: 902-928 MHZ Single frequency, part 15 FCC compliant
Resolution: 12-bits (4096 steps), all steps always used
Data Update Rate: 350+ transmissions/second
Transmission Delay: 3 milliseconds

Receiver/Amplifier Specifications Dimensions/Weight:: approx. 4½" by 3½" by 1½" / approx. 11 oz.
Power Consumption: 50 milliamps @ 11-17VDC (Motor off) up to 5 amps maximum when driving a motor
Power Output to Motor: 2 amps maximum @ 18 VDC (36 watts)

with Palomar M-One Focus / Iris Motor with Cable

Palomar Motor Feratures :

  • Optimized for use with the Bartech Focus Device (BFD) .
  • Very reliable and comes with a full one year warranty. Parts and labor included.
  • Very strong and responsive. Takes full advantage of the powerful BFD. Able to turn very stiff lenses in sub freezing conditions.
  • Extremely accurate, responsive and repeatable.
  • Unique articulating connector facilitates cable management.
  • High capacity, single row, hybrid cross roller bearing w/proprietary extreme temperature lube.
  • High efficiency, single worm gear drive.
  • Position feedback is directly coupled to the output gear which eliminates any backlash concerns due to high forces or wear.
  • Supplied in a custom fitted Pelican, water tight, protective case.
  • No tools required. Gears snap on/off with light finger pressure.
  • System is supplied complete, tested and ready to go.

    Palomer Motor Specs:

    Length: 154 mm (6.06 in.)
  • Width: 29.2 mm (1.15 in.)
  • Height: 68.0 mm (2.70 in.)
  • Weight: 286 g. (11.29 oz.)
  • Connector: Lemo Type B size 1, 5 pin.
  • Rod Collets: 5/8”, 15 mm, 1/2", 19mm w/o a collet.
  • Lens Gears: Module/Pitch 0.8m-32P, 0.6m, 48P, 0.5m, 0.4m-64P, extra wide 0.8m-32P.
  • Mounting Brackets: 19 mm universal mounting bracket, Will mount on either side of motor in either direction. Also a 2.5” universal extension/offset bracket with 19mm attachment tubes (1.12” & 2.12” long)
  • Motor cable: 58 cm (23”) long
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