Aqua Tech Sound Blimp For Canon 5D Mark III, 5DS, 5DSR

CODE: SK8065578

$50.00 $50.00 $150.00



Fits Canon 5D Mark III, 5DS, 5DSR


Reduces camera shutter noise by over 90%

Designed to work with the Canon 5D mark III and 5DS and 5DSR  

Built with a polyurethane body and sound damping foam, the AquaTech Sound Blimp is the lightest user friendly blimp on the market.  Designed to work alongside the AquaTech Blimp Tube range to suit your lens choice, and offers full zoom control with no vignetting.

The back plate features a viewing window for image review of live view shooting.  A new two button switch for dedicated focus and fire actions is positioned conveniently in a natural shooting position at the front of the Scout.  Also featuring, for shooting convenience, Monopod / Tripod mounting points on bottom of Scout, neck strap loops, Pocket Wizard shooting ability, and an easy access single action clip for opening and accessing your camera quickly and quietly.

Controls offered:

  • Playback
  • Rear main dial
  • Shutter
  • Focus
Dimensions: 21.5cm(8.5) Wide x 17.7cm(7″) High x 11.4cm(4.5″) Front to Back
Weight: 1.10kg (2.4lbs) Blimp Only
Materials: Polyurethane Body, Stainless Steel Friction Hinges, Single Action quick access quiet Latch, Sound Damping Foam

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