Aputure 120dII LED rental

Aputure Light Storm LC 120d II Daylight LED Light kit


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Rent The Aputure C120D II LED Light at CSI Rentals 

  • The Aputure C120D II boasts an incredible luminance of 135,000 lux at 0.5 meters away with the Aputure Fresnel. With an approximate brightness equivalent to a 1,000-watt tungsten light.
  • Includes V Mount Battery Plate
  • The C120D II has gone through intense color quality testing, using not only CRI ratings, but the industry standard Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI). In both tests, the C120D II scores CRI over 96 and TLCI over 97, guaranteeing you are receiving the highest color quality possible.
  • The C120D II comes with DMX capability, allowing studio creatives to maximize their range of uses for their lighting arsenal.
  • The C120D II is now powered by a single, all-in-one power box. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum but maintaining its lightweight build, a single power unit means less cabling and power components so filmmakers spend less time setting up their light, and more time being creative. 

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