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AJA Ki Pro Mini Compact Field Recorder

CODE: SK5387442

$95.00 $95.00 $285.00


Includes: CF Card 32gb

Ki Pro Mini is the smallest and simplest way of connecting production and post, anywhere shooting takes you. With a miniature form factor that makes for the smallest camera and recorder package available, Ki Pro Mini is powerful, supporting all four types of Apple ProRes 422 (including HQ, LT and Proxy). The newest member of the award winning Ki Pro family, Ki Pro Mini simplifies the link between production and post by unobtrusively fitting in small spaces and acquiring on the best codec for use with Apple Final Cut Studio, from any SDI or HDMI camera, regardless of format. With its high quality digital connectivity, you've got the perfect solution for portable on-set digital capture.

  • Extreme Portability for any shooting environment
  • 10-bit full raster recording to Apple ProRes 422 SD and HD formats
  • Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)
    Apple ProRes 422
    Apple ProRes (LT)
    Apple ProRes (Proxy)
  • Record Edit-Ready SD/HD files from any camera to Compact Flash (CF) cards
  • Skip log and capture with instant mounting of native OSX media
  • Professional connectivity through SD/HD SDI and HDMI I/O

AJA's Ki Pro Mini was designed as a miniature field recorder for creating "ready- to-edit" professional digital video. Ki Pro Mini supports an Apple "file-based" workflow by recording standard Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files on industry standard Compact Flash (CF) media. When removed, Compact Flash cards function as standard HFS drives when connected to a Mac computer via any standard off-the-shelf Compact Flash reader.

Ki Pro Mini's multi-purpose mechanical design and small form factor allow flexibility in mounting to the camera or tripod using industry standard mounting plates or shoe adapters. An optional Ki Pro Mini mounting plate offers a wide variety of hole-patterns for mating either side of the unit with virtually any camera accessory bracket.

Like AJA's famous Ki Pro, KONA and Io HD desktop products, Ki Pro Mini offers unparalleled I/O quality. Within its portable and rugged form factor, Ki Pro Mini offers broadcast quality SD/HD digital I/O including SDI, HD-SDI and HDMI, two channels of balanced analog audio (2 XLRs) with switch selectable line/mic levels, and LTC timecode input.

Control options are flexible, with front panel and web browser interfaces provided (Ethernet 10/100/1000 via an RJ45 connector).

Download Ki Pro Mini Qualified CF Cards

Download Ki Pro Mini Mounting Options


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